Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin

Leading with a vision

„If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.“
– Maya Angelou

Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin
Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin
Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin

What makes a great leader?

Ever wondered why some of your prospect leaders succeed in their roles as a leader, pushing limits, motivating their employees and always focussed on solutions while others merely exist and are barely able to flip the switch from being an employee to finding purpose and joy in leading people? 

What makes a great leader? What brings companies to attract and keep good people contributing to joint success of the company and the team likewise?

The Answer to that is: Purpose. 

Purpose doesn’t grow on trees. To generate purpose one needs a Vision. 

Not any kind of Vision, that your global strategy department has developed for the whole company. 

We’re talking of a personal Vision & Clearity.

What does leadership mean to you as an Individual working for a company? Who are you as a leader & who do you want to be and why? What are your professional goals & values and how are you able to live up to these in your daily professional life and being part of an organization?

Unlike old time, where professional life has been separated from personal life and people were willing to endure adjusting to environments that don’t reflect their personal values. Today young talents demand congruency between their own values and what the employer defines as the organisations values and how these words are truely lived up to. 

Gallups Study on employee engagement in germany cites, that a majority of german companies  “have not progressed in fulfilling the fundamental, human needs of their workers.: “

Now, you might have already had experience with disengaged employees and you might wonder how can you develop managers that thrive on engaging their team, while having their individual needs met as well as their teams members needs met. 

The answer is clearity over who they are as a leader, which goes deep beyond just expertise. 

A Visionboard helps to sort things out and gain clearity over your indivdual needs – as a leader and as an existential part of a thriving organisation. 

Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin
Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin
Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin
Mia Papo Astro und Business Mentorin

Defining a new “normal” for leadership

You personally might come from a professional career, where the elder was automatically seen as the wiser. This might have also disturbed you as an aspiring leader. You might have had innovative ideas, that were pushed aside with the simple conclusion “we have always done it this way…” 

Well, times are changing. We are facing a world that demands leaders to think differently. Multifaceted approaches and complex questions ask for creative solutions. There is no creativity in the zone of adjustment and trying to fit in. 

Old ways don't open new doors.

Empowered employees do.

Old ways don't

open new doors.

Empowered employees do.

Imagine you have a team of aspiring young leaders working for you, who are capable and brave to come up with new ideas, turn the tables and outperform competitors due to engaged teams. People eager to work for your company moving the needle in the direction you are setting your sails. 

In an empowering environment everyone is using their strength to create the greatest progress for the team, the customer and the organisation.

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